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Webinars That Wow: Strategies for Engaging Structures and Dynamic Framework

Episode Summary

Join Ollie as he discusses questions like: What strategies can be used to retain audience attention in webinars and podcasts? How can content from webinars be repurposed for different media channels? What are the benefits of structuring webinar content into segments or rounds? And more!

Episode Notes

Ollie Whitfield, Marketing Team Lead at VanillaSoft. This speaker from the Demand Gen Summit discusses how to strategically plan out webinars that maintain engaging structures for audience members. To stay current on our latest events, follow us on Linkedin.


Useful Timestamps:

1:19 - Attention retention strategies are presented. 

3:24 - 3 points of view, segment planning for webinars.

5:03 - Dive into specific topics on how to engage webinar audiences.

6:05 - Content planning for follow-ups.

8:09 - Different modes of video content.

10:11 - Maximizing content output by repurposing webinar content. 

10:44 - Utilizing video clips for social media

13:21 - Leveraging user-generated content.

15:26 - How to structure webinar content to maintain flow and engagement. 

19:24 - Resolving disagreeing points of view. 

22:18 - Closing Remarks.