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Using Data to Align Sales and Marketing

Episode Summary

Join Kelly and John as they address questions like: How do you navigate the current sales landscape? How can companies better align their sales and marketing teams? What are the benefits of aligning your teams? And more!

Episode Notes

Kelly Hopping, CMO at Demandbase. John Eitel, CRO at Demandbase. These speakers from the Demand Gen Summit discuss what marketing and sales alignment is and how it can be utilized to create more efficiency within a company. To stay current on our latest events, follow us on Linkedin.


Useful Timestamps: 

5:42 - What is leadership and synchronization in sales and marketing?

6:57 - Address how the dynamics between marketing and sales are changing and the need for continuous evolution.

8:05 - What are the various gaps that can arise and how they can lead to tensions between teams?

12:35 - Description of the role of technology in marketing and sales alignment. 

13:25 - Go-to-Market meeting dynamics. 

13:48 - Overview of the challenges in pipeline and funnel review meetings. 

14:09 - What are unhealthy dynamics and posture change? 

14:32 - Identify breakthrough moments that have helped team dynamics. 

15:16 - Acknowledge there is a positive work environment. 

16:38 - There is a need for continuous interactions between marketing and sales, rather than a one-time handoff. This includes the importance of shared metrics and ongoing collaboration.

19:05 - The ongoing dialogue and engagement required for effective marketing and sales alignment.

20:40 - There is an interdependence of sales and marketing for successful outcomes.

31:29 - Closing Remarks