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Unlocking Insights with AI: The AI Multiplier Method

Episode Summary

Join Ryan as he addresses questions like: What are the risks when utilizing AI? What are the opportunities when using AI? Are there different tools to use when learning to understanding AI? And more!

Episode Notes

Ryan Staley, the founder and CEO of WhaleBoss, recognizes that there is much to understand regarding AI. This speaker from the AI Revenue Summit breaks out his insights into AI by unlocking The Multiplier Method. To stay current on our latest events, follow us on Linkedin

Useful Timestamps: 

1:31 - Why now? The risk vs the opportunity

3:21 - Fear or Faith? 

4:21 - AI can turn C players into B players, B players into A players, and A players into A+ players

5:50 - What's possible? More about ChatGPT

8:54 - Where to start. AI generated tools

11:35 - Master prompt Method: context, frameworks, level, size, structure

13:13 - AI Multiplier Method: Time, Execution, Acumen, Money, Skills

14:19 - Time: Marketing Magic in 15 minutes

17:41 - Execution: Build a Sales Org. in 20 minutes

22:42 - Acumen: How good is a machine?

24:11 - Money: Understand LLM core concepts vs. purchase

26:19 - Skills using AI: graphics, voice/music, video 

27:26 - The Future: automated outcomes, autonomous organizations 

29:49 - Closing Remarks