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The Value of CX Insights for Go-To-Market Strategies

Episode Summary

Join Somya as she addresses questions like: How do you align all teams around the new implementation of AI? What does the data say about how AI impacts revenue? And more!

Episode Notes

Somya Kapoor, CEO & Co-Founder of TheLoops, discusses how to grow your business by either acquiring new customers or retaining existing clients. This speaker from the AI Revenue Summit breaks out what AI is and how it can be used efficiently. To stay current on our latest events, follow us on Linkedin

Useful Timestamps: 

0:44 - McKenzie and Co. reference

0:48 - GTM's & post sales roles

3:10 - Survey: Where GenAI is applicable

3:35 - How do you align all teams around this new way of AI? 

5:33 - How data impacts revenue

5:59 - Generative AI is not the only AI out there

8:37 - How would your GTM change with accurate, actionable, AI-driven insights from support? 

9:50 - AI-driven efficiency and accuracy image

14:04 - You don't have to wait for human interaction to make things happen, use AI-assisted element

15:58 - Support insights for success and product

18:19 - Don't stay in Silos and expect GTM/customer lead growth to fix itself

19:21 - Concluding Remarks