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The Use of AI in Sales

Episode Summary

Join Andre and Billy as they discuss questions like: How is AI best utilized in sales? Are there any limitations of AI? What is the role of AI in sales and marketing? And more!

Episode Notes

Andre Yee, Founder of Billy Bateman, Co-Founder of Signals. These speakers from the Demand Gen Summit discuss the best practices of AI in sales and marketing strategies. To stay current on our latest events, follow us on Linkedin.


Useful Timestamps:

3:54 - Discussion on the effectiveness of sales engagement platforms and the varying opinions on mass market outreach.

6:07 - Outbound methods that work, focusing on personal and insightful outreach.

7:58 - Identifying the total reachable market through website visits and buyer committee engagement.

9:07 - The importance of repeated website visits as a strong sales signal and the need for deep research in large companies.

12:34 - Leveraging AI in mid-market sales and the introduction of Tiga AI.

13:40 - Using AI for creating targeted lists of companies and discussing its accuracy.

15:25 - Limitations of AI in providing current newsworthy events and the phenomenon of AI hallucinations.

16:00 - Challenges in using AI for creating lists and its limitations in generating large lists.

21:40 - The need for providing context in prompts when generating emails using AI and the challenges of personalization.

23:56 - The unrealistic nature of some AI-generated suggestions, particularly in negotiation scenarios.

27:32 - Autonomous execution of one-to-one prospecting conversations by AI and the challenges in replicating human sales conversations.

28:08 - What are the different types of sales conversations and what is the role of AI in facilitating these interactions.

30:32 - Closing Remarks.