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The First Step to ABM is Activation: How to Take the First Step of ABM so it Won’t Fail

Episode Summary

Join Mason as he discusses topics that lie within the ABM category. He'll go over questions like; Why does ABM fail? How do you better succeed with ABM strategies? How can technology be best implemented with an ABM strategy? And more!

Episode Notes

Mason Cosby, Founder of ScrappyABM. Mason, a speaker from the Demand Gen Summit, will discuss how to take the first step of ABM so it won't fail. To stay current on our latest events, follow us on Linkedin.


Useful Timestamps:

4:15 – What are some challenges of implementing new technology? 

6:53 - Missed meeting playbook.

7:49 – Description of activation plays and complementary products. 

9:40 - Outbound sequences and tech gaps. 

14:38 - B2C and B2B business examples. 

17:43 - Experimenting with sequence messaging and handoffs. 

19:39 – What is the sales team's role in sourcing pipeline? 

23:17 - Closing Remarks.