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Revolutionizing Revenue: How AI Illuminated Industrial Blind Spots

Episode Summary

Join Sarah as she addresses questions like: How can AI illuminate industrial blind spots? How does AI improve the workflow of industrial companies? What are some of the current and future benefits of implementing AI? And more!

Episode Notes

Sarah Tamilarasan, Co-Founder and CEO at Sotaog, discusses the industrial blind spots that AI illuminates. This speaker from the AI Revenue Summit breaks how industrial companies can start implementing AI to generate Revenue. To stay current on our latest events, follow us on Linkedin

Useful Timestamps: 

2:05 - Example of how AI can be utilized in industrial spaces

3:47 - Manual tickets get lost

4:24 - Mix-up on monthly payment document due to loss of manual tickets

5:50 - Clients can upload images of tickets to track transactions

7:02 - 3%-7% of tickets don't show up on monthly payment slip

9:19 - Aggregate the data

10:18 - Numerous examples of how AI can increase cash flow for companies

13:01 - Closing Remarks