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I Spoke with 50 People about How They Build Sales Tech: The Answers May Surprise You

Episode Summary

Join David as he discusses questions like: How do you build sales tech? Are there specific strategies on how to properly implement sales technologies? How big is the sales technology world? And more!

Episode Notes

David Dulany, Founder & CEO of Tenbound. This speaker from the Demand Gen Summit discusses how other individuals, Founders, CEO's, etc., build sales technology. To stay current on our latest events, follow us on Linkedin.


Useful Timestamps:

2:26 - What are some of the issues with alignment of revenue engines, people, processes, technology, and the explosion in sales technology?

5:05 - Inefficiencies in the sales process before the digital age. 

10:19 - Important you have online presence, narrowing down major players in the market, and exploring trusted communities.

12:20 - Buyers are looking for real advice in neutral spaces, shortlisting potential companies.

15:52 - Align your company with solutions and lifecycle of vendors. The impact on the buyer journey is incredible.

17:15 - What is the role of salespeople?

19:14 - ‘Shadow stakeholders' in the decision-making process.

28:44 - Establish a trusted advisor in sales. Gather a comprehensive list of sales technology tools.

31:13 - Closing Remarks.