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How to Blend ABM and Demand Gen to Drive More Revenue

Episode Summary

Join Vladimir as he brings to light questions such as: What is the goal of ABM? How do you divide engagement activities between marketing and sales? How do you create content that aligns with a buyers' journey? And more!

Episode Notes

Vladimir Blagojevic, Co-Founder of Vlad spoke at the Demand Gen Summit, discussing the best ways to blend ABM and Demand Gen in order to drive more revenue. To stay current on our latest events, follow us on Linkedin.


Useful Timestamps: 

00:17 - Introduction to ABM and demand generation. 

2:38 - How to build a customer journey map to build demand. 

5:27 - Understand missed opportunities.

6:33 - Identifying common misses in company strategies. 

14:53 - What is first-party intent data and account interest?

20:52 - Different ABM playbooks and engagement strategies. 

21:29 - Target the buyers’ research hypothesis testing.

22:40 - How to work on content co-creation.

23:47 - ABM Efforts.

24:52 - Personalized direct mail campaigns.

27:03 - Engage in niche communities for technical audiences.

27:42 - Closing Remarks.