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Finding the Right AI Businesses to Participate With VS Invest In

Episode Summary

Join Jeff as he addresses questions like: How do you know what AI companies to participate with? Should I invest in AI companies? And more!

Episode Notes

Jeff Crane, Founder of AIIncubated, brings to light three key principles to utilize when identifying AI companies to get involved with. This speaker from the AI Revenue Summit breaks out how to determine whether you should participate with or invest in certain AI companies. To stay current on our latest events, follow us on Linkedin

Useful Timestamps: 

2:40 - Hundreds of AI companies are surfacing

3:12 - Three principles that relate to getting involved with AI businesses

3:33 - #1: Principle of the Jockey - find someone who can lead, guide, and manage efficiently.

4:01 - #2: Take a look at the environment - which category are you looking at? Are you looking to invest in a business or service?  Is there a budget

5:04 - #3: Get involved with events. Invite companies that are going to teach you new things

6:06 - Number one problem with most small businesses is under capitalization

6:46 - Work, results, and access create a brand

7:57 - If you cheat in one, the other two will change. 

9:16 - 5 personality traits: Attractor, Believer, Connector, Doer, Everybody

13:18 - Have some value propositions in your back pocket. What do you associate with? 

15:14 - Concluding Remarks