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Decoding AI: Exploring it's Everyday Applications

Episode Summary

Join Scott and James as they address questions like: What are some everyday machine learning tools that we use? Is there a difference between AI and generative AI? Are there specific areas that we should be addressing regarding challenges of AI? And more!

Episode Notes

Scott Logan, CMO at Kroologic, and James Gilbert, CMO at Flip, recognize that there is so much AI that surrounds us in our everyday lives. These speakers from the AI Revenue Summit breaks out machine learning tools, differences between ai and generative ai, LLM's and ML's. To stay current on our latest events, follow us on Linkedin

Useful Timestamps: 

2:35 - Alexa and Siri are forms of AI

4:45 - Alexa sends reminders automatically

5:31 - There are more forms of generative AI. Examples given

10:01 - LLM is a large language model; ChatGPT

13:03 - A lot of new AI tools you have to figure new things out. 

18:31 - ChatGPT makes us more efficient 

22:30 - Bias: Whatever you train AI on, that is what it's going to learn

22:55 - Privacy: use of PII data may be governed a lot more than it has in the past

23:41 - Accountability: who’s responsible when AI makes a mistake

24:12 - Transparency: ai decision can be understood by humans

28:24 - Concluding Remarks