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Cracking the Code on Growth

Episode Summary

Join Chris as he addresses questions like: What role does career phase play in approaching common startup needs? What are the challenges in managing mindset shifts in a team? How does one create a growth mindset within a company? And more!

Episode Notes

Chris Frank, Head of Marketing at Lumos. This speaker from the Demand Gen Summit discusses what marketing and sales alignment is and how it can be utilized to create more efficiency within a company. To stay current on our latest events, follow us on Linkedin.


Useful Timestamps: 

1:18 - Focus on the human side of go-to-market strategies.

7:55 - There can be negative financial impact from not tracking or estimating time effectively in companies.

9:32 - Insights into email nurture tracks for engaging people and the challenges faced, particularly with an IT audience's response to marketing efforts.

11:44 - Mindset shifts on challenges and the impact on work efficiency. 

14:23 - The importance of creating a safe space for employees.

17:09 - Approaches to SEO and content creation from different mindsets, including growth mindset and status quo mindset.

19:20 - Steps for company development.

21:02 - Closing Remarks.