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B2B Buyers' Journey: How Sellers Can Align and Win

Episode Summary

Join Kris as he brings to light questions such as: What are buyers doing to ease the buying experience? How do buyers conduct their research during the purchasing process? How can sellers align with and influence buyers effectively? And more!

Episode Notes

Kris, Revenue Growth Leader at WINsights. This speaker from the Demand Gen Summit discusses how sellers can better align to close more deals and win. To stay current on our latest events, follow us on Linkedin.


Useful Timestamps:

2:00 - insights into the evolving B2B buyer's journey.

12:03 - the percentage of sellers who are reactive versus proactive in the B2B buyer journey.

16:19 - The power of intent data in positioning oneself proactively in the B2B buyer journey.

18:53 - Identify buyer footprints and align, influence, and win over buyers.

19:48 - Use sales intelligence and account-based marketing campaigns on metrics like open rates, reply rates, and meeting bookings

26:36 - Strategies for shrinking sales cycles.

28:59 - The importance of data analytics and evolving unique strategies.

32:05 - Closing Remarks.