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AI and Marketing: Fact or Fiction?

Episode Summary

Join Gabe as he addresses questions like: What AI tools are at our disposal? What are the differences between these tools? And more!

Episode Notes

Gabe Larsen, CMO at Kustomer, brings to light the many AI platforms that can be utilized to help companies generate more revenue. This speaker from the AI Revenue Summit breaks out what AI is and how it can be used efficiently. To stay current on our latest events, follow us on Linkedin

Useful Timestamps: 

2:00 - ChatGPT: Engaging, seamless, versatile

2:48 - Fireflies: Effortless, easy, actionable

3:37 - Favorite feature of fireflies: AI summaries for meetings

4:14 - Midjourney: Access to AI-generated images

5:28 - Superhuman - Efficient email management

7:17 - Scalenut - AI-powered content creation

8:02 - Murf: High-quality voiceovers

8:44 - Pictory: High-quality videos

9:39 - Time-saving content creation

10:36 - AI-generated ad creatives

11:12 - Accurate and relevant search results

12:53 - Closing Remarks